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A sedentary lifestyle has historically been epitomised, and portrayed in images, as the 9-5 office worker stuck behind a bland desk for uncomfortably long periods of time. Fortunately, our understanding of healthy lifestyles and employee productivity has moved on in the last few years and this has led to a number of exciting evolutions in employee comfort and wellbeing.

Introducing the Relic Project Table; an exciting evolution within the Relic design family. As a flexible and multi-functional electric table, it has been designed to accommodate numerous tasks and people of varying abilities. With just the flick of a switch, the table can be adjusted to changeable heights to suit the requirements of its users.

The Relic Project Table is at the forefront of modern design, and ideal for a flexible modern workspace. Unlike many old-fashioned ‘clunky’ work desks, it is sleek in style and will fit into any office without compromising the aesthetic.

The Relic Project Table is available with a number of unique table top finish and shape options, making it the perfect solution for any modern office design.

Relic Project Table - Height Adjusable
The height of the worktop can be electronically adjusted from standard desk height to standing height which makes it ideal for both seated and standing work. The table is fully accessible to users of all ages and abilities. With optional castors for mobility, Relic Project Table also has the flexibility to move around the workspace as and when required.
Smart technology
Using market-leading lifting columns and discreetly hidden power cables, the Relic Project Table’s height can be adjusted with the flick of a switch. It also features smart technology with app compatibility, perfect for seamless working in a modern digital age.
Relic Project Table - App compatability
Relic Project Table - Finishes
Sleek and complementary to any workspace, the Relic Project Table is available in 4 sizes to suit your office needs - classic rectangular, square, or round. With a number of stylish coloured table top options, alongside our new 2021 rustic colour range, the quality laminate worktop can be customised to match your office decor and create a beautiful standout working desk that the entire office will love. To see more of the finish options, click here.
Integrated Power - UK only
Relic Project Tables can be specified with or without integrated power in the top. Tables with Power are supplied with one or more steel lift-out power flaps that match the selected frame colour. The cable tray and power modules are White as standard but are available in Black on request. Alternatively, we are also able to accessorise the Project Table with discreet power options, creating an open, clean, and sleek desk top finish. To see all of the power options available for the Relic Project Table visit our specification page to find out more.
Relic Project Table - Power in top

Works well with

In-house upholstery
Task Light

The Frovi Task Light is the perfect add-on to the Relic Project Table.

Available in cool white, natural white and warm white and available in two lengths, it is suitable for most collaboration tables and can be easily retrofitted.

Grow Stool

Looking for a sustainable seating solution that pairs perfectly with the Relic Project Table and creates a real modern look, as well as a fantastic talking point for the office?

100% recyclable and carbon negative, the Grow Stool is a fantastic addition to any collaborative workspace.


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