What We Do


Frövi enforces stringent quality standards. Our passion for quality is infused into each piece of Frovi furniture. Our products are constructed using only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, enabling us to offer a minimum 5-year product warranty.

Behind the Scenes

In-house upholstery

In-House Upholstery

From Park 34 in Didcot, Oxfordshire our upholstery team work with a wealth of fabrics and tooling to upholster all our products by hand.
We offer an extensive range of fabric options from a variety of manufacturers - colours / patterns / designs - giving choice for any project. 


A British Manufacturer

From our design studio in Oxfordshire and our manufacturing facility in the Cotswolds; designs are created, constructed and delivered, enabling us to quickly adapt to evolving workplace demands.


Transporting your Order

Each product is packaged and prepared ready for dispatch, either assembled or flat-packed depending on size and weight.

During this operational process a rigorous quality inspection is made to ensure products leave our factory ready for our customers.

Resources to Help You

We have created a series of resources to help you create inspirational environments that are designed with a task-based approach, for the benefit of both employers and employees.


Product Testing

Quality is vital in all Frovi products. Frovi products are designed and tested to international standards, through recognised test facilities.

To ensure our products operate as expected they undergo a rigorous testing programme in laboratory conditions ensuring they are safe for contract use.


CAD Files

We have a wide collection of CAD file formats available for our whole product range to help make it easier to quickly integrate our products into any design.

We are also on pCon Planner too. Our online pCon catalogue can be found here.



Within our product portfolio, we have a vast range of configurable options so you can design a space as unique as you or your project requires.

Use our online configurators to help you create your perfect design solution.

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