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The era that we currently live in has bypassed the use of basic materials that do little for protecting our planet. Nowadays, it is about creating functional and eye-catching design, using materials that favour sustainability and wellness.

Commonly used furniture materials have evolved too. With a newfound approach to sustainability, furniture has evolved to utilise somewhat unusual and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo. The payoff is high; bamboo not only looks attractive; it provides a number of incredible benefits that aid a healthier planet.

Bamboo is a renewable resource

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants available, taking less than a year to grow back after harvest. It is a highly efficient absorber of environmental carbon dioxide which also makes it a healthy option for furniture. In addition to being free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, bamboo contains natural antibacterial properties, making it easy to clean. Ideal for any modern workspace with high cleaning standards, and particularly in the wake of a global pandemic.

A hard-wearing material

Bamboo is much more hard-wearing than traditional woods. It grows straighter than its counterparts which provides it with a dense and uncompromising structure; a priceless advantage for a fast-paced office where durability is key and the occasional ‘knock’ is inevitable! Sub-standard furniture tends to become damaged over time but bamboo offers tremendous longevity, minimising repair and replacement costs.

Bamboo Mobile Table

Lightweight and mobile

The modern workplace is ever-changing, so flexibility is essential. Workspaces need to provide an element of fluidity to enable seamless transitions for team collaboration.

Frövi’s Bamboo Mobile Table can be configured with castors, making it ideal for agile use. Whether it means moving closer to an open window on a sunny day, or taking some time out in a quieter working area, workers can arrange the table as necessary to support their project.

Bamboo Modular Shelving

Configure to suit your needs

Frövi’s Bamboo range offers a contemporary means of organising workspaces. Our units comprise easily configurable shelves, cupboards and lockers made from side-pressed bamboo, with the addition of a felt panel for pinboard use. The panel is every bit as eco-friendly as the unit itself; it has been created using a blend of 70% recycled and 30% virgin PET. Our height-adjustable units are available in several configurations and you can even choose your own frame colour to match your current office palette.

Frame finishes are available to suit every office aesthetic, so you don’t need to concern yourself with a mass refurb. You can opt for an eye-opening burst of colour or stick to earthy tones with our 2021 range. Our choices of frame finishes are available here.

Bamboo connector

There is also the option of an open Perspex back unit which can be utilised as necessary. For many, the appearance of the natural environment can be instantly calming for indoor work, so many organisations opt for a burst of greenery to brighten the workspace. The Perspex back unit is the ideal spot for housing attractive and low-maintenance indoor plants or storage.

Every detail has been carefully designed with sustainability in mind, even the unit connectors, which are made from 100% recycled nylon.

A sustainable future

As you can see, bamboo provides numerous sustainable benefits to any organisation. It provides a pleasing aesthetic while supporting our social responsibility to take care of the world in which we live in. At Frövi, we pride ourselves on the steps that we take to create healthier communities, and our new era of responsible production begins with our Bamboo range.

If you are interested in achieving a higher certification level for LEED and BREEAM, Bamboo is the way to go. Please get in touch today to improve your working environment.

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