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How to design a more comfortable work space

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The workspace has evolved enormously over the last few years. The office, once considered a place to merely ‘get your head down’ and complete your assigned tasks, has now transformed into a space that dedicates as much attention to the wellbeing of its workforce as it does productivity and financial reward.

The modern office needs collaboration areas for staff meeting or brainstorming sessions, combined with quiet, private spaces for more intricate focused work. Comfortable sofas have replaced plastic tables and wooden chairs, biophilia has become a feature for its wonderful aesthetic and air purifying qualities.

Measuring comfort


The WELL Building Standard  is a system that promotes an intelligently designed building environment. By measuring the attributes of a building that impact negatively on user health, it works to both address and eliminate these poor health associations and create a healthier environment. As a performance-based system, it creates, certifies and monitors all features of the built environment by utilising seven concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.

Comfort is a vital factor in any office space. Hard backed chairs and one-size-fits-all tables that fail to accommodate people of varying heights can be problematic for workers.

Individuals are fundamentally different in nature. As a rule of thumb, the extroverts amongst us tend to thrive in busy spaces, the introverts often prefer quieter spaces in order to hear themselves think. Throw everyone into the same space and you create a non-productive, stressful environment. As an organisation, it is your corporate duty to encourage all of your employees to thrive, particularly for the purpose of wellbeing and productivity.

With that in mind, utilising the ‘comfort’ element, the WELL Building Standard focuses on reducing the common sources of stress such as disruption and distraction, and increasing comfort and wellbeing in any built environment.

User-friendly furniture

At Frövi, we understand the need for creating and maintaining a healthy environment. Our ethos is to design user friendly furniture that supports the standards of WELL. Our furniture is both stylish and functional, with a specific focus on user-comfort.

The Frövi Colony is the ideal antidote for busy offices. Available in several configurations to suit your personal requirements, Colony is a freestanding structure for the ultimate in inviting spaces. Due to the versatility of its design, it can be used in a multitude of environments as a private working area.

The perfect spot to take you away from the hustle-and-bustle of the office and focus on the task at hand, Colony can be used to create a wonderful hideaway space with the additional use of lighting, fabric and textures.

Set of Colony

For an even greater user-experience, why not introduce a comfortable sofa into the space?

The Scrum Sofa provides the perfect arrangement for the Colony. With its ultra-deep seats, eye-catching detail and beautiful style, the Scrum Sofa provides the perfect arrangement for the Colony. Pleasing on the eye and an asset to any comfortable indoor space, the Scrum Sofa ensures that users are comfortable, stress-free and wholly able to focus on their work.

Combined, the Colony and Scrum Sofa adhere to WELL’s Building Standard in its entirety; privacy meets comfort. However, each of these furniture choices will assist your journey towards a healthier environment.

Scrum sofa

Flexible furniture with a choice of configurations can accommodate everyone. The beauty of choice is that your workers can seek comfort in numerous ways, in a variety of spaces.

If you’d like to work towards improving the comfort of your office, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.

Please let us know what products or other subjects you would like our sales team to help you with further.

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