Choosing workplace lighting and soundproofing for employee wellbeing

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Every organisation possesses its own individual culture that is largely focused on productivity and, in the current era, employee wellbeing. The investment of a supportive and positive working environment that is directed at the wellbeing of its workers can singularly boost productivity. With that in mind, companies worldwide are looking at ways of looking after their employees over and above all else.

Addressing the physical workspace is the best place to start. Lighting, for example, is an absolute necessity but when incorporated into an intelligently-designed workspace, it can greatly contribute to wellbeing. In many cases, lighting is an asset that we pay very little attention to, simply taking for granted that an area will light up at the flick of a switch.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

Poor and unnatural lighting can be a leading cause of ill health within the workspace. A recent study by UK company Staples found that 40% of office workers struggle to work with poor office lighting every day. Dim lights do little for the eyes while bright, artificial strip lights are a catalyst for headaches and irritability. All-in-all, it does little to promote wellbeing and productivity.

The combination of inappropriate lighting and noisy offices are sufficient to cause high stress-levels and bad moods amongst workers. When employees are unable to hear themselves think due to incessant background chatter, coupled with the too-dim or annoyingly-bright light surrounding them, a healthy workspace rapidly diminishes. It also does little to retain workers, who could actively consider seeking a new position due to their compromised wellbeing.


For this reason, the WELL Building Standard™ has become a powerful vehicle for advancing health and wellbeing in buildings. Utilising the well-known elements of Air, Water, Light, Sound, Materials and Biophilia, the inclusion of such factors within buildings of every classification ensures that optimal levels of wellbeing are addressed.

The implementation of well-designed and efficiently tailored furniture can optimise mental and physical health and assist organisations in reaching WELL Building Standard’s ‘People First’ perspective. The WELL Occupant Lighting Control feature has been designed to implement innovative lighting strategies that consider the personal preferences of users as well as their interaction with their immediate environment. Similarly, The WELL Sound concept is aimed at improved health and wellbeing through the utilisation of acoustically comfortable parameters.

The plight to satisfy all workers can be a difficult one which is why a versatile lighting solution is most desirable. The UK Exclusive Frövi Task Light can do just that! Designed to fit any table surface, the Task light offers three different light modes; cool white, natural white and warm white. Suitable for collaboration tables in a range of sizes, users can benefit from their preferred setting to create the desired ambience. The Task Light comes in two lengths and features an efficient LED source for power-saving enthusiasts.
Task Light

With a lighting solution in place, optimal workspace aesthetics are the next step in looking after your workforce. Frövi’s Colony is a flexible and reconfigurable freestanding structure that has been designed to create atmospheric, background noise limiting spaces. Eye-catching and visually attractive, the inner space can be filled with sofas, tables and whiteboards for collaboration sessions or private work.

With endless functionality, Colony can be constructed with a variety of mix-and-match wall options including acoustic, fabric and metal leaf panels. Each variation has its own merits, though for the perfect soundproofing area, we strongly recommend the multi-segment felt panel that ensures that background noise remains at source.

Set of Colony

The intelligent design of both the Task Light and Colony Felt Panel promote the key concepts of Light and Sound by the WELL Building Standard. The application of ergonomic design can alleviate many of the issues that are faced by workers on a daily basis, and there is no requirement for a complete office overhaul.

Whether you are looking to implement the WELL Building Standard certification into your workplace or simply make a few smart design alterations, Frövi can help you promote a suitably lit and acoustically comfortable workspace.

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