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Here at Frövi we have an extensive colour offering and our design team are always striving to be at the forefront of current trends. We look at forward thinking trend forecasts to help inspire our finishes collection.

Predicted colours for this year draw from nature, neutrals and mid-century hues, bringing with it a sense of feeling and psychology behind the schemes.

Interested in how you can bring on-trend Frövi finishes into your perfect palette, then read on…


According to the trend forecasters WGSN, Neo Mint will be the colour of 2020. The colour described as ‘fresh and oxygenating’ is a nod towards the futuristic times we are living in and the desire to create an enriching environment that promotes well-being.

Neo Mint represents optimism by inspiring peoples desire to be closer to nature; bridging the gap between industry and living world.

Frövi Finishes

RAL Finish: Light Green 6019

Complementary Finishes

Metal Finish: Raw Steel

Laminate Finish: Rustic White

Frovi Finishes - Red

A Range of Reds

A colour that heavily dominated Milan Design Week this year, red is a shade that can be described as energetic, passionate and dominant.

Studies have shown that red increases brain activity and drives physical stamina. This makes the colour perfect for the workplace. The tone is also is said to evoke a feeling of hunger making this colour ideal for kitchen and dining areas.

The colour is associated with love, power, energy and strength.

Frövi Finishes

RAL  & Laminate Finishes: Bright Red 3020; Red 3001

Complementary Finishes

Metal Finish: Raw Steel

Wood Finish: Natural Oak

Frovi Finishes - Beige


It can be said that ‘beige is the new grey’.

Interior design trends are moving away from grey tones and are being replaced with shades of beige and subtle brown as foundation colours.

Beige brings a sense of warmth and calmness into a space. Use this colour mixed with natural tones and textures such as stone, natural wood and linen to evoke a desire to relax and disconnect. Combine these tones with our extensive range of finishes to create a holistic space for wellbeing.

Frövi Finishes

RAL Finishes: Camel 1013; Sand 7032

Forbo and Fenix Finishes: Camel

Complementary Finishes

RAL Finish: Khaki 6003

Wood Finishes: Weathered Oak; Driftwood

Frovi Finishes - Pink

Grown-Up Pink

This year sees millennial pink make way for grown-up pink. Progressing from the popularity of millennial pink; this shade of pink elevates the trend with fresh sophistication and calming natural tones.

The softness of this colour makes it extremely versatile.  Grown-up pink works well as a neutral and can be used to replace grey or beige, bringing a sense of warmth to any colour scheme.

This colour can be paired with darker hues from red or navy to metallics and industrial finishes.

Frövi Finishes

RAL Finishes: Dusky Pink 3014

Complementary Finishes

Metal Finish: Vintage Brass or Copper

Laminate Finishes: Concrete Effect

Frovi Finishes - Earthy Textures

Earthy Textures

Natural tones and textures evoke our desire to relax and disconnect. Utilise these tones with our extensive colour range to create a holistic space for well-being.

The use of barely there, earthy neutrals and textures when paired with crisp white or black accents create a rustic warm feel in any space.

Frövi Finishes

RAL Finishes: Sand 7032; Grey 7035

Wood Finishes: Weathered or Black Oak; Natural Ply

Complementary Finishes

RAL Finish: Anthracite 7024

Laminate Finishes: Rust; Concrete Effect

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