Choosing workplace lighting to enhance employee wellbeing
WELL Concept Light

With more attention on the health and wellbeing of employees, workplace furnishings need to be more human-centric than ever before.

Measuring wellbeing: The WELL Building Standard™

The WELL Building Standard™ is a performance-based system that is responsible for measuring, certifying, and monitoring all features of a built environment.

From the construction of the building down to its furnishings, all aspects of a building are measured for their impact on human health and wellbeing.

To achieve the WELL Building Standard™, 10 WELL Core Concepts must be met: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community.

WELL Building Standard Core Concepts
Let’s take a closer look at how your lighting choices can contribute to a WELL Certified Building.

The WELL Light concept promotes exposure to light and aims to create lighting environments that are optimal for visual, mental and biological health.

Good lighting is important in any office space. It increases productivity and safety, makes work tasks simpler and reduces the risks of health problems for your workers.

Feature: Occupant Lighting Control

At Frövi, we offer a range of lighting products to satisfy the WELL feature for Occupant Lighting Control.

This means lighting that takes account personal preferences of users, as well as their interaction with the physical space.

From freestanding lamps, to work surfaces with their own natural or controllable light source for an individual’s visual comfort, with Frövi, you can choose lighting that enhances wellbeing in the workplace.

Lighting choices that put wellbeing first:

Task Light

Task Light
An LED task light in black, it features three dimmable light modes: cool white, natural white and warm white. As an efficient LED light source, it is available in two lengths, offers simple installation and is idea for collaboration areas. Enhanced ambience with no flicker.

Mallet Light

Mallet Light
Both stylish and functional, designed to be fitted to Relic at Work Tables but can be used with a freestanding base. Enhanced ambience with no flicker.

Peak Light

Modern design, black steel hood and glass spherical orb. Enhanced ambience with no flicker.

Trapeze Light

Trapeze Light
Made from 66% recycled material (plastic bottles), available in two felt shapes and four colours. The lamp fitting requires a E27 bulb. Ideal for both it’s aesthetic and acoustic quality. Enhanced ambience with no flicker.

Flord Lamp

Flord Lamp
Available as a freestanding lamp or with clamp to be fitted to a Flord unit frame. Matching black frame. Enhanced ambience with no flicker.

Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo Lamp
Bamboo Lamp fits to any Bamboo configuration. Designed with our planet in mind, style meets sustainability with our Bamboo furniture range. Crafted using eco-friendly materials, including recycled plastic bottles, recycled nylon and pressed bamboo.
Designing a space with the core concepts of a WELL building doesn’t need to be complicated, with Frövi, you can design a human-centric space that puts wellbeing at the heart of your project.