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Unusual Materials: Mycelium

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30 Jun 2022

As businesses endeavour to make more eco-friendly choices, to keep up with the growing pressure from the public, sustainable material sourcing has become central to furniture design.

Mycelium is an exciting new ‘super-material’ to emerge into the innovative sustainable materials scene.

What is Mycelium?

Mycelium is essentially the roots and non-visible part of mushrooms.

Mushrooms, come in many different shapes and sizes, but the complicated and complex nature of the root systems often go unrecognised. These root systems consist of tiny threads that can, in the right conditions, be grown to give them extremely useful manufacturing properties, this is Mycelium.

Why is Mycelium useful?

As a naturally occurring, regenerative resource with a fast growth rate, Mycelium has the potential to be an outstanding sustainable material with the potential to be used across several manufacturing processes. It requires a lot less land, water and food to develop into a useful material than many other naturally occurring resources, further boosting its eco-friendly credentials as a ‘super-material’.

Naturally resistant to water, mould and fire, mycelium can be an ideal material in furniture production. It provides a strong, durable material that is even biodegradable at the end of its tenure, unlike many modern materials that will remain in landfill sites for many years to come.

Because Mycelium can be grown to shape and bioengineered to deliver the material expectations of the end-product, manufacturing and resource costs are usually lower than comparable materials, adding to a lower carbon footprint and opening the opportunity for continuous cyclical recycling and remanufacture of useful products.

Mycelium Planters

Designed as an extension to the current eco-conscious Bamboo range of modular, configurable shelving, we have introduced a selection of planters manufactured with mycelium and hemp, encased with our side-pressed bamboo material.

Bamboo planter
Bamboo planter - mycelium

Add a beautiful, sustainable addition to your Bamboo configuration, and bring some biophilia into your office space.

Choose either 1200mm or 600mm bamboo planter shelves, with a Mycelium and hemp tray insert.

The combination of natural Bamboo with Mycelium offers an eco-friendly design that embraces the uplifting effects of office biophilia.

Our sustainability pledge

Mycelium is just one of the sustainable materials that we use to meet our aim of supporting a more eco-conscious world through sustainable material choices, improved manufacturing processes and product lifecycle. We believe it is our obligation to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

To read more about our sustainability pledge visit our “Sustainability- at the heart of everything we do” blog here.


Bamboo Planters

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