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Unusual Materials: Grow Stool & Trapeze Light

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05 Oct 2021

Discover cork seating and PET felt lighting

The modern workspace has evolved overnight, it seems! Suddenly, there is a pressing requirement to incorporate eye-catching design whilst demonstrating that sustainability is high on the agenda.

With the world now moving towards an eco-friendly way of living, the purchasing decisions that we make are no longer as straightforward as they once were. It has now become our social responsibility to do all that we can to create healthier workspaces and ensure that employees thrive within their environment.

At Frövi, we are committed to making it easier to incorporate sustainability into the workplace. With a few well-informed decisions, you can contribute towards a healthy planet without compromising your design.

The choice of furniture material is one the easiest ways of reducing your carbon footprint. Harmful chemicals and substances that are present in standard production processes are immediately eliminated, minimising the threat to humans, animals, and the environment.

Eco-friendly furniture is also more durable which means less financial output in the long-term.

Let us give you a couple of ideas…

Seating made from cork

The Grow Cork Stool is made from an ethically farmed cork, which not only looks unique but also helps your business work towards carbon-neutral goals.

With a unique PTFE (Teflon) glide system that allows easy movement on all floor surfaces, the Grow Cork Stool can be easily manoeuvred around a busy office to fulfil the needs of its users, ideal for impromptu meetings in an agile workplace.

The raw, unusual appearance of the Grow Cork Stool makes a great first impression and talking point for clients and employees.

Lighting made from PET felt

Instead of the standard eye-squinting office lights that are a catalyst for headaches and fatigue, Frövi’s Trapeze Light offers enhanced ambience with no flicker.

Available in either a square or rectangular shape, the light is made from a piece of PET felt that is manufactured from 66% recycled plastic bottles! Instead of being thrown into the ocean or landfill to cause further disarray, this is recycling at its best.

Ideal for illuminating specific zoned areas, felt is a popular choice of material for its acoustic noise-balancing levels which makes it a perfect solution for quiet-working areas. The light is available in four neutral colours, so there is no need to compromise existing office designs.


In summary…

In a highly competitive world, organisations are frequently under pressure to implement productivity strategies, improve team spirit and captivate the greatest of talent. All of this as well as incorporating sustainability.

Sustainable products epitomise wellbeing, and by employing eye-catching and unusual sustainable materials into your office, you can create a healthy-working environment, contribute to the environment as a whole and create visually stunning workspaces.

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