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Unusual Materials: Foundry

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15 Sep 2021

If you live on this planet, chances are you’ve heard the word ‘sustainability’ thrown around a lot in recent times. It might be something that you’ve actively considered as part of your eco-friendly plight, or it could be a prospect that you’ve put on the back burner until a later date.

Despite the dastardly impact of the Covid global pandemic, there has been one single benefit; a 2020 study by Accenture found that in light of the pandemic, 60% of the British public have now started making more sustainable, environmental or ethical purchases.

With that in mind, it’s probably time to make a few intelligent and well-informed design decisions of your own.

The industrial look

There are numerous ways to contribute to a more sustainable way of living, and our furniture choices are one of them. If you consider that any single commercial building is likely to undergo around 30-40 refurbishments in its lifetime, it doesn’t take a genius to appreciate the vast amount of waste that is produced as a result. By incorporating sustainable materials into your office design, you can help contribute to the reduction of waste and minimise its negative effects on the environment.

With a raw simplicity and uncompromising edginess, the ‘industrial look’ is more popular than ever for office spaces. Favouring a minimalist approach, workspaces can be decluttered, and over-loaded areas swapped out for neat shelving units and subtle storage spaces made of natural materials. Simplicity is at its height with recently improved cleanliness and safety procedures, so this is a great way of employing intelligent design whilst maintaining a healthy environment for all.

The industrial look can be sustainably achieved without compromising the necessary aesthetic. By simply replacing metal with unusual materials such as recycled steel and incorporating natural woods, units can be as captivating as ever before but without the long-term damage to our planet.

Introducing Foundry: 98% recycled steel rebar

Frövi’s eye-catching Foundry range offers a unique shelving solution that is ideal for dividing open-plan offices and creating zoned areas that are now an organisational necessity. The unit is made from 98% recycled steel rebar (reinforced steel) which is popular due to its highly durable strength.

Its unique ribbed surfaces are originally designed to increase the surface area, helping it grip to concrete, however they also offer a distinctive look synonymous with an industrial style. The use of rebar ensures that Foundry maintains its sturdiness over time, thus providing you with a long-lasting, hard-wearing unit that offers high-functionality for whatever purpose you desire.

The Foundry Shelving unit is available in a range of frame colours including our latest shade of Camomile for a more natural look. Whether you’d prefer to stick to the dark, industrial shades of grey and black, or opt for a burst of bright yellow or orange to create a breath-taking statement piece, Frövi’s vast colour range has you covered.

The Foundry unit is complemented with natural wood-finished shelves that are available in Natural or Black Oak; the ideal spot for adding a little bit of greenery to the workspace. Plants and wood itself are known for having positive effects on our health due to the feelings of comfort that they provide. If you consider the human need to escape into the outdoors at every given opportunity, it probably comes as no surprise that the presence of such materials in a workspace aid wellbeing by lowering the high stress levels that we endure. This is a wonderful way of taking care of your most valuable commodity; your loyal employees.

If you’d like to know more about Foundry or any of our other sustainable furniture products, please get in touch.



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