Respecting people & the world we live in

We believe that environmental and ethical values should lie at the core of our vision for the future. Protecting the environment is paramount for both us and future generations. We understand that every product we produce has an environmental impact but at Frövi we are constantly striving to reduce the impact of this as far as possible.

To attain these goals, we constantly review best practice to ensure your Frövi product is produced to the highest standards. These goals include resource and waste management to reduce our carbon footprint through reduction of energy consumption, recycling and minimising our waste to landfill.


Quality, Standards and Testing

Frövi is committed to increasing product quality.

Regular quality control checks coupled with ongoing rigorous research and development keeps Frövi at the forefront of the industry.

Many Frövi products are tested to international standard (ISO, BSEN) at recognised test facilities, such as FIRA, SATRA and CATAS, thus giving our customers peace of mind that the product they are purchasing has been rigorously tested under laboratory conditions to ensure its safety and suitability for use in the contract environment.


Impact on the environment

We understand the necessity of working with all our suppliers to ensure they share the same aims and visions of the company.

We recognise the importance of the EU Timber regulations which prohibit the sale of illegally sourced or harvested timber and/or timber products entering the EU. These regulations work to protect natural habitats in unstable regions around the world. Frövi is accredited by theFurniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP).


5-year warranty

All Frövi products carry a 5-year structural warranty.

Any defects in material specified by the customer such as fabrics, laminates and veneers which are not manufactured by Frövi, will be subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty terms & conditions.

Design registration

All Frövi designed products are registered with the Intellectual Property Office.

This Government registration is in place to prevent people copying or stealing our designs. The design registration covers the look of Frövi designs including the appearance, physical shape, configuration (or how different parts of a design are arranged together) and decoration. By registering our designs, Frövi is protected against anyone copying and we have the right to prevent others using our designs for up to 25 years. Frövi can take legal action against any design infringement and/or design copying.

Further details and registration numbers are available on request.