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Reducing plastic waste with the Orbit Table

With commercial buildings producing almost a fifth of the U.K.’s carbon emissions, business operators clearly have a responsibility and a challenge to reduce this devasting effect on the environment.

Opting for sustainable office furniture is one practical way to improve your building’s environmental credentials and work towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

Orbit Table
Orbit Table

Reducing Plastic Waste

Around 3 million fridge freezers are disposed of each year in the UK. Fridge freezers are classed as hazardous waste and can damage the environment if not disposed of properly.

By utilising plastic recycled from this process we can save non-biodegradable plastic from entering landfills; or even worse, the natural environment.

Manufacturing of Orbit Table

Introducing The Orbit Table

At Frövi, we consider how to reduce plastic waste through our furniture designs. We are proud of our Orbit Table, with a table top made from recycled fridge freezer plastic. By using this recycled plastic we aim to reduce harmful waste and landfill.

The office coffee table is a staple of most modern, agile workspaces, and a gathering point for collaboration and employee engagement. What better way to encourage conversation than a coffee table top made with recycled fridge-freezer plastic. A great talking point!

Designed to replicate a celestial body, the Orbit Table comprises a smaller recycled plastic table that ‘orbits’ and floats around the larger glass top. With a smart black frame finish and toughened glass, the table will withstand the rigours of any busy office environment.

What is sustainable furniture?

Sustainable furniture reduces waste with a focus on durability and longevity of the product. The entire journey is more considered, with design, sourcing, manufacturing and transportation all aiming to reduce carbon footprint.

Sustainable furniture can often mean repurposing materials, which reduces the input into the landfills that contribute to global warming.

Reducing VOCs

Sustainable materials are not just better for the earth but can be better for our health too. With many sustainable materials producing less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) encompass a wide group of substances of both natural and artificial origins that are emitted as gases from solids or liquids. Some VOCs are harmful to human health while some are known or suspected carcinogens.

At Frövi, all our products are tested for their VOC offset levels and we are proud that our entire product range has been certified SCS Indoor Advantage Gold.

By choosing the Orbit Table you can proactively demonstrate to employees that you care for your environment and their wellbeing, it could even promote conversation about sustainability within your workplace.

Employees have genuine concern for how businesses take responsibility for their impact on the environment. Embracing this cause through more sustainable furniture choices is of course better for the planet, but also helps to align with your employee expectations, boosting productivity and loyalty as a result.

Orbit Table

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