Scandi Chair

  • Wide choice of stained wood finishes available
  • Slim back design for greater comfort
  • Crafted Solid Oak or Stained and Lacquered Ash frame
  • Addition to Scandi family
  • Optional Seat Pad
Seat Pad
Width 516 mm
Depth 500 mm
Height 770 mm
Seat Height 455 mm
Scandi Chair
Seat Pad
. .
Finish Order Code
Natural Oak SC600K
Stained Ash SC600A/*
Scandi Chair
Seat Pad
Fabric Band Order Code
Natural Oak Stained Ash
A SC600/FA SC600/*/FA
B SC600/FB SC600/*/FB
C SC600/FC SC600/*/FC
D SC600/FD SC600/*/FD
E SC600/FE SC600/*/FE
F SC600/FF SC600/*/FF
G SC600/FG SC600/*/FG
H SC600/FH SC600/*/FH
I SC600/FI SC600/*/FI

Wood Finishes

Scandi White
Scandi Camel
Scandi Yellow
Scandi Mustard
Scandi Orange
Scandi Burnt Orange
Scandi Red
Scandi Bright Red
Scandi Pink
Scandi Dusky Pink
Scandi Lilac
Scandi Dusky Blue
Scandi Steel Blue
Scandi Blue
Scandi Navy Blue
Scandi Turquoise
Scandi Pastel Green
Scandi Light Green
Scandi Fresh Green
Scandi Khaki
Scandi Sand
Scandi Grey
Scandi Dark Grey
Scandi Anthracite
Scandi Black
Scandi Natural Oak