Snug Modular Sofa

Introducing the Snug Modular Sofa


Snug Modular Sofa

It has been an incredibly challenging time for organisations across the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about change aplenty for the workplace. Having experienced the convenience of working from home, many employees are now seeking a hybrid approach to working. Office spaces that seamlessly combine productivity boosting design alongside a comfortable residential feel are benefitting immensely from an increased focus on employee wellness.

Introducing the Snug Modular Sofa; an exciting range of modular seating designed to bring an unrivalled level of comfort and relaxation to any workplace. With seven unit choices allowing a multitude of seamless configurations, you can easily create the right sofa shape for any space, for a Resimercial effect to your workplace design.

Flexible and configurable, the Snug Modular comes with a number of unique customisable options, making it the perfect solution for any modern office design.

Fully configurable design

Snug Modular Sofa Seven Units

With 7 individual units to choose from, the size and shape of your Snug Modular sofa is fully customisable based on the needs of your design. Through a combination of straight seater, right and left-hand arm rest seaters; in both single and double seaters, and modular corner units, the Snug Modular can be uniquely configured to easily create the right sofa shape for any space.


Snug Modular Cushion

Unrivalled Comfort

Using ultra-deep foam seats and pillow edge detailing, the Snug Modular has been designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. Whether it is an escape from the daily stresses of office work, or somewhere to connect socially with colleagues, the Snug Modular sofa offers any workplace the ideal comfortable solution.

Sleek & Stylish

A beautiful and sleek black frame finish brings a timeless elegant style to Snug Modular sofa and with a colour palette to suit most environments, the Snug Modular sofa is customisable with a wide range of fabric and leather finishes.

From anti-microbial materials to comforting wool blends, the colours available are perfect for completing the ideal look for your Snug Modular sofa.

Contact us for more information on our fabric bands and specification guide.

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Snug Modular in Leather
Cushions on Snug Modular

Add a Little Extra

The Snug Modular sofa comes with a range of accessories and customisable features that can ensure your design works perfectly for your office. Whether it is adding power sockets, complementary cushions or a beautifully unique two-tone fabric, the Snug Modular is the perfect choice for any workplace looking for a practical, comfortable workplace sofa.


Works well with...

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