Relic at Work Table, Tipsy Stool and Bamboo Shelving

Introducing Relic at Work


Relic at Work is a co-working system derived from our current Relic design but with enhanced functionality and mobility. It offers a vast array of additional benefits for the multi-functional space. The unique offset seating position allows for a generous work space with a compact footprint.

Flexible and Mobile

Adjustment between a collaborative work space and private working can be achieved with the use of the additional, magnetically attached accessories. Adding a canopy and lighting will soften the environment, with an option to also add biophilia.

Non-symmetrical worksurfaces that maximise space and minimise footprint provide the perfect space for users to collaborate easily with movable accessories, but still have your own personal space for focus and privacy. With the benefit of castors, mobility becomes easy and takes table functionality to a whole new level. Creating flexible spaces that allow users to be mobile, switch up their surroundings, and have a say in where and how they work most comfortably can yield positive results in areas of employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Reference: Talent Spa


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Dynamic & Re-configurable

The challenge was ‘how do we make the adjustment between collaboration and private working as simple, fast and flexible as possible?’ As a new table system, the design needed to be more dynamic than a standard bank of tables to allow a compact footprint but still have a familiar functionality. This drew us to the use of magnets. Clever magnetic accessories allow you to re-position elements that transition the worksurface from focused (‘I’) to co-working (‘We’) and allow the space to be changed instantly for collaboration or personal working. Flexible workspaces have a range of benefits, including increases in employee comfort, well-being and productivity, which ultimately result in better business.

To construct a run of tabletops add a standard table and the number of extension tables required to create your run of tables.
Note: The extension table cannot be used with canopy table.


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