Why “quiet zones” are essential for every office design

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Peace can be difficult to find in the modern workspace. As society moves to adopt more integrated levels of technology and strives to increase connections, both locally and globally, the sound of keyboards tapping, multiple video meetings and constant workplace chatter can be highly disruptive.

In fact, according to a recent “workplace distraction report” from Udemy, 69% of workers "struggle" to cope with interruptions at work. The main cause of these distractions? Chatty co-workers (80%), office noise (70%) as well as disruptions through “small talk and office gossip”.

When factoring in the scale of the issue alongside the potential productivity lost through these unwanted distractions, it is no wonder the study ran with the strongly worded headline “Noisy, interruption-prone offices make employees unmotivated, stressed, and frustrated.”

Huddle Work Booth
With the recent shift in public opinion towards workplace flexibility and changing views on the role of the office in a modern economy, it is becoming ever more clear that workspaces need to be environments that provide a tangible boost to productivity. Noisy distractions, whatever the source, are obviously a risk to this innovative approach to the function of a corporate office. While it is widely accepted that there is a certain level of ambient noise that is calming to the brain and can even promote productivity, at the point where ambient, background noise becomes excessive and productivity dampening, modern office designs must provide alternative solutions.

Did you know?

Studies at Berlin’s Humboldt University found that it takes up to 23 minutes to restore focus after an interruption!

Quiet zones in the workplace allow office designers to create agile, flexible working environments where employees are free to move around the space dependant on the level of concentration and focus they need to complete a task. By introducing spaces where people feel well looked after, both mentally and physically, office designers can ensure that their space remains a functional, effective, and productive space that employees enjoy being a part of.

Creating effective quiet zones is not as simple as cordoning off a corner of the office and adding in a couple of extra desks. Quiet zones should be an area that people will go when they need to sit down and concentrate, probably using a laptop for an extended period of time. People using this section don’t want to be distracted, but they also need to be seated in an area which is comfortable, supportive, and pleasant. Introducing office booths can be the ideal answer to this issue and create quiet, compact surroundings within the larger office environment.

Office booths provide employees the option to focus on their tasks in comfort and privacy, especially important in modern shared co-working spaces and businesses that require a blend of focussed detailed work and creative collaboration. Distractions, background noise unsolicited interruptions can be reduced dramatically with the introduction of office booths, and their use goes beyond solitary focussed work. Ideal for team meetings, collaboration and creative thinking, office booths can provide the ideal flexible working area that give office designs a valuable, much-needed area to boost employee wellbeing and workplace productivity.

Huddle Work Booth

The Huddle Work Booth from Frövi offers an ideal addition to any modern workplace design. An ideal compact work booth for focusing in solitude, it offers effective noise-reduction through an acoustic design, perfect for minimising background noise and minimising those unwanted office distractions.

The Huddle Work Booth is designed with wellbeing in mind, soft comfortable seating, and an ergonomic backrest for extra comfort. With a perfectly positioned desk for your laptop or cup of coffee, and optional castors for added manoeuvrability, the Huddle Work Booth is the ideal solution to creating quiet zones in a modern workspace.

If you’re looking for something larger that can be used as a meeting zone as well as single focussed workspace, the Huddle Bay offers an archetypal quiet zone solution with added functional flexibility.

An ideal open-fronted booth, suitable for both dining and semi-private co-working spaces, the Huddle Bay offers multiple seating, integrated central table and effective noise-reduction, perfect for boosting interaction and engagement in any work or recreational situation as well as single focussed work.

As with the Huddle Work Booth, the seating and ergonomic design  of the Huddle Bay has been purposefully focussed on creating a comfortable, welcoming environment, perfect for establishing  quiet zones or semi-private work zones in any office.

Huddle Bay

The benefits of quiet zones in today’s busy, distraction filled office environments are numerous and they are quickly becoming a ‘must-have’ in all modern workspaces. Office booths provide agile, flexible solutions where intelligent furniture design helps to create areas of relative solitude and escape from the daily hustle.

If you’re struggling for space to incorporate a booth or looking for even more flexibility from your furniture choice, then the Home Booth is the ideal seating solution. Combining the best of both worlds, a comfortable sofa for relaxation and social interaction, or by adding castors it can become a moveable temporary booth with noise dampening high sides when extra privacy is needed.

Home Booth
Whatever your office furniture or design needs, if you are interested in learning more about how office booths can give your office design a boost or want to know more about how Frövi can support you in creating effective quiet zones, please contact us today.
Please let us know what products or other subjects you would like our sales team to help you with further.

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