Snug Sofa, Margin Table

The importance of comfortable breakout furniture

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Snug Sofa, Margin Table

As the modern office evolves, organisations that wish to retain their employees and attract new talent need to keep up with everchanging trends. Employee wellness is now high on the agenda for most companies, with employees having ever increasing expectations from their workspace.

As a rule, comfort isn’t a word associated with the traditional office, but rather cosy coffee shops, or wine bars furnished with satisfying sofas and soothing lighting. However, as businesses worldwide shift their focus to a more human-centric approach to working, employee comfort is firmly at the top of the agenda.

The optimal office boasts a space that provides diverse working areas for a multitude of tasks.  Where workers are encouraged to move freely around this cleverly designed and aesthetically pleasing space to meet their working needs, whether that be collaboration in a comfortably seated area, or private work in a deep, soft ergonomic chair.

With style and comfort quickly catching up with functionality in the pecking order of priorities for office furniture, it is becoming increasingly well-known that happy, comfortable employees result in a positive, productive workplace.

Blume Chair
Blume Chair, Wrapt Table
The Blume Chair is a perfect example of comfort, and a great addition for any breakout area. Stylish and contemporary in design, it also features unique low seating and a webbed seating design for additional comfort and longevity. With the addition of luxurious thick cushions and a deep chamfer to remove any hardened edges, your breakout area will truly benefit from the addition of this classy furniture piece.
Naturally, chairs are an integral asset to any office space, but the classic sofa is rapidly heading towards breakout room monopolisation. If you really want to impress employees by offering them comfort that actively encourages relaxation, you might want to consider our Snug Modular Sofa. With ultra-deep seats, comfort is an absolute guarantee. The addition of its beautiful, pillow-edge detailing and soft, flawless appearance, combined with the range of colour options to suit your corporate palette, makes it perfect for any workspace! Besides comfort, versatility is another key design of this product. You can choose from seven modular units, combining them in whichever unique configuration suits your space.
Trost chair
Trost chair
If flexibility and eye-catching design are important, Trost provides the ultimate in modern, stylish furniture, designed to fully envelop and wrap users up within its soft, reassuring form that ensures maximum comfort. Available as a high or low option, Trost is made from super comfortable soft foam and is available with Natural Oak and Black Oak frame and a host of fabric colour finishes.

Investing in the wellbeing of your employees is the key to improved job satisfaction, uncompromised loyalty, and greater productivity for your business. Every office requires a breakout area for time out from a busy environment, and every employee deserves to relax in comfort.

Comfort has now become a core requirement for a thriving office; where employee wellbeing is met, and productivity is promoted.

If you are interested in raising the bar with your breakout area, or wider office design, by incorporating comfortable, cutting-edge furniture, please get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team today.

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