How to introduce movement and fitness for a healthier workplace

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With 90% of our time spent indoors, and a third of our lives spent in an office, it comes as little surprise that our fitness is greatly compromised. Human-beings are designed to move, so long periods of time spent in one place can create havoc on our body and mind.

Having highlighted the health issues that come with sedentary behaviour including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes and depression, the WELL Building Standard actively promotes physical activity and discourages long periods of sitting within an environment. Furthermore, it identifies the design pitfalls that address these familiar health challenges, often exacerbated by buildings.

With its specific focus on the necessity of seven natural elements including air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind within a built environment, many of these problems can be easily overcome. Its key incentive incorporates areas that endorse active furniture, physical active opportunities and building spaces that promote active movement.

Ergonomic furniture for wellbeing

The use of intelligent furniture design can be the optimal solution for a more ‘People First’ approach to improved health and wellbeing. By focusing on every area of the built environment from walls to seating, users can benefit from the inclusion of movement-centric solutions to retain a healthy fitness level.

Ergonomic workstations are proving to be a popular inclusion for modern workspaces. With work areas designed to promote both sitting and standing for greater movement, physical strain on the body can be vastly reduced. Giving your employers a choice illustrates your investment in their health and wellbeing and goes a long way in increasing organisational productivity.

Frovi promote attractive and functional furniture that is in line with the WELL Building Standard. With a vast table and seating range that encourages user-wellbeing.

Relic Project Table

Ergonomic furniture for wellbeing

The Relic Project Table moves beyond the standard table set-up, it operates with the aid of smart technology, enabling users to adjust their workspace accordingly at the flick of a switch.

Whether set at desk height or standing height, the Relic Project Table offers both practicality and flexibility without compromising its sleek style. It is available in a range of colours to suit any workspace and in a choice of four different sizes to best suit your requirements.

The Relic Project Table can be utilised for collaboration and flexible workspaces within a built environment. With optional castors for mobility, it can be moved when required to match the needs of your organisation.

This furniture choice can help you achieve the WELL Building Standard’s Movement element, with stooping backs and awkward postures eliminated once and for all.

The Tipsy Stool

The Tipsy Stool is wonderfully unique due to its inbuilt rocking feature that enables the user to create natural movement when seated. This highly functional element ensures that workers continue to move without remaining sedentary for long periods. Both fun and practical, it further boasts a soft fabric seat for the ultimate in comfort and is available in numerous colours to suit.

The Tipsy Stool is a comfortable and flexible stool that can be moved around the office with ease. Many offices house uncomfortable hard-backed seats that do little for an individual’s posture. Long hours spent sitting cause back and neck tension which can lead to a number of long-term problems, not to mention increased absenteeism and poor productivity; neither of which are conducive to a thriving business.

Tipsy Stool

The intelligent design of both the Relic Project Table and Tipsy Stool promote the key concept of Movement by WELL. The application of ergonomic design can alleviate many of the issues that are faced by workers on a daily basis, without the need for a complete office overhaul.

Whether you are looking to implement a WELL Building Standard certification into your organisation, or simply promote movement and fitness within your office space, please get in touch to discuss your furniture choices.

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