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Creating a human-centric workplace through collaboration zones

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Relic at Work

The 21st century workplace has evolved from emphasising practicality and efficiency, to focus on a more human-centric approach, with employee wellbeing at the forefront of an organisation’s agenda.

Following a bumpy period due to the coronavirus pandemic, the requirement for employee satisfaction is now at an all-time high. Organisations worldwide are now opting for a more flexible approach to working, and employees are combining office-based work with home working to aid a good work/life balance.

Many open plan offices are garnished with artificial lighting and plain, clinical walls; the relentless sound of ringing telephones and beeping of technology can be a significant catalyst for stress. It’s fairly easy to understand how productivity is lost when communication is so greatly compromised. Workers may not be able to hear themselves think, much less collaborate. With this in mind, the layout and design of your workspace should be the ultimate backdrop in creating a productive and collaborative area.

Naturally, this isn’t without a few complications. Workspaces are being forced to rethink their existing designs and floor plans to accommodate these changes. By creating a human-centred workspace, you will be ensuring that your workers feel supported and, in turn, productivity levels will heighten.

The essence of collaboration relies heavily on teamwork, and eye-catching, agile office furniture can help to create a positive mood and atmosphere amongst workers. This may seem extreme, but there is a slew of research that demonstrates a correlation between office aesthetics and staff productivity.

There are a number of things you can do to encourage staff wellbeing with the inclusion of specific collaborations areas.

Multi-use facing tables allow staff to engage with each other during discussions and adjustable ergonomic chairs can be utilised by people of all abilities.

Colony floorplan
Relic Project Table

Frovi’s Relic Project Table has been designed for flexible co-working spaces and prides itself on its ability to accommodate a number of differing tasks. With the flick of a switch, the table adjusts from table height to poseur height without compromising its beautiful sleek style.

Available in numerous top colour finishes, plus height adjustable feet or castors, its practicality makes it an ideal choice for any workspace.

Frovi’s Snug Modular boasts ultra-deep seats and impeccable styling, and is available in seven unit choices for a multitude of seamless configurations. An ideal choice for allowing staff to relax into their work and share ideas with colleagues.

Dare to be different by incorporating more comfort into your collaboration space. Gone are the days of isolated desks and bland task chairs. Nowadays it is about taking that extra step for your employees, and observing their personal needs.

Snug Modular
Huddle Cave

Our Huddle collection provides employees with ideal collaboration spaces for focused work. Employees can brainstorm whilst seated on the deep-foamed seats of the Huddle Modular, or if a project calls for noise reduction, we recommend the Huddle Shed or Huddle Cave.

Relic at Work is the perfect co-working system that can adjust for the changing demands of the workplace. Create a collaborative and movable space that can easily and quickly evolve into private working areas through magnetic accessories and castors.

Ideal for the new era of hybrid-working. The trend towards biophilia and workplace wellness has been carefully considered with Relic at Work, which offers options for foliage canopies and hanging planters, to add a touch of greenery to the office environment.

Relic at Work
Home Booth

For home from home comfort, our Home Booth offers a sofa-style workspace, with integrated Mobile Media Wall, ideal for collaborative presentations and video calls.

It’s time to put your employees first. By incorporating functional collaboration areas that boast pleasing aesthetics, you will create a talking point for all and an environment your team will love to spend time in.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we may support you in creating your new human-centric workspace.

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