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Colour has a profound effect on our mood and the ambience within our environment.

Studies have repeatedly shown that colours influence our brain impulses and affect behaviour. Bright colours have been found to ‘trigger’ a more excited and impulsive reaction in the brain than their paler counterparts.

You only have to walk past a yoga studio to notice the plethora of calming colours that seek to create tranquillity and calm for users.

Appropriate colours can be applied to specific areas to boost productivity, enhance relaxation, or promote collaboration.

Let’s consider how colour can have a profound impact on the mood of the workplace - a place where full-time workers spend approximately 2,080 hours per year.

Bold, warming tones and bright, stand-out colours are often denied in residential settings where people prefer to relax, so the office is the perfect place to express your corporate individuality, brand identity and company personality. It can be daunting to go bold, but statement pieces can influence the mood of the office without overwhelming your team.

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Bold green is a colour that you may not have considered for your office space, but if you’re looking to boost efficiency and wellbeing, the introduction of this natural colour can have a great impact. With Biophilia trending in many modern office spaces, indoor plants and moss walls look undeniably pretty, and they can also reduce stress, aid restful sleep, and improve productivity.

Adding some stimulating yellow for a creativity boost, or strong reds for collaboration areas and meeting rooms are two perfect ways to incorporate bold colour choices into your designs.

While these bold colours can have a great effect on your spaces, it is important to make sure you are introducing them in a sensible and well-thought-out way. Too little colour and there is not much impact, too much and it can become overwhelming and trigger stress. Imagine trying to concentrate for a prolonged period of time in a room fully painted in bright pillar box red!

Furniture is an ideal way of introducing colour. A neutral space can be brought to life with an injection of bold colouring from a chair or sofa, and coloured fabrics and accessories can brighten the dullest of spaces.

Bold colour blog - greens

Sofas are fast becoming the new normal in any office as organisations focus on employee wellbeing and comfort, however, they can also provide an opportunity to incorporate exciting colours that can magnify the appeal of an area. Not only do they offer a cool edge to the workspace, but they are also relaxing for working lunches or social interaction.

Snug Modular provides ultra-deep seating, beautiful styling and seven configurable modular options to fit into your space. Ideal for any setting, it comes in a variety of luxurious fabrics that will add a boost of colour to any working area, breakout room or reception space. Throw in a few boldly coloured cushions, add a statement coffee table in a bright finish and you can quickly transform your space with colour!

Sofa’s aside, practical working areas are usually still a necessity for any workspace. Single seats and chairs are a must, and these can often be overlooked opportunities to incorporate bold colour decisions into your environment. The Scandi Chair and Stool is 'beautifully crafted from solid ash that can be stained to match all of our Frovi RAL colours and offers the ultimate in comfort for long working sessions.

Its colour choices give you an opportunity to customise and be brave in your design. Choose from twenty unique colours including delicate Camomile, powerful Steel Blue or trendy Beetroot.

Scandi chair

With many workers opting to take to the outdoors when the weather permits, external and flexible, manoeuvrable furniture is becoming ever more popular and needn’t be denied an injection of colour.

Osti provides a socially inspired table that can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its UV, weather resistant coatings. Options for table height include standard or poseur to incorporate inclusivity and variation into your design. With multiple frame colours to suit any décor the Osti can create an ideal ‘statement piece’ for your office.

Frövi’s Peel Table is the ultimate in urban sophistication and adds an exciting twist to any classic office. With its trendy ‘peel-back’ handle, it offers contemporary design whilst maintaining durability and functionality. The Peel Table is available in a choice of frame colours including calming greens, creative yellows, or burnt orange. Get creative with Yellow or Mustard, bold with Beetroot, or create a more comforting piece with a Pastel Green finish.

Office furniture with multiple colour options gives you the option of co-ordinating with your brand, but also provides you the freedom to step out of your comfort zone and incorporate bright, bold, and inspiring colours that can help you to quickly create a positive, uplifting, and productive environment without the need for a paintbrush.
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