Introducing: Relic at Work

Relic at Work is a co-working system derived from our current Relic design. The unique offset seating position allows for a generous work space with a compact footprint. Adjustment between a collaborative work space and private working can be achieved with the use of the additional, magnetically attached accessories. Adding a canopy and lighting will soften the environment, with an option to also add biophilia.

Check out the hotspots below to find out more

Peak light integrated into the canopy to create an ambient environment
Wedge-shaped tops with offset seating positions to maximise space and minimise footprint Multi-purpose lined terracotta pot for storage or plants Our new Ora chair complements Relic at Work perfectly

Optional castors for mobility Mallet Light has been designed to be fitted to Relic at Work tables or can be used with a freestanding base

Magnetic storage / Planter & Felt screen to allow instant flexibility between focused and co-working
Hanging trays for storage or plants A variety of accessories available to add to an overhead acoustic canopy Large capacity power bank with 8 power sockets (4 per user). Ability to extend capacity

Create a run of adaptable and flexible work surfaces

To construct a run of tabletops add a standard table and the number of extension tables required to create your run of tables.
Note: The extension table cannot be used with canopy table.