It’s Our Anniversary!

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Frovi showroom

We have been in our St John’s Lane showroom for 1 year.

It’s been an interesting, informative and hard work journey so far. The end result? An interactive, tactile and inspirational space which truly showcases our furniture.

Since we opened our doors, there have been some memorable milestones; Mix Interiors Magazine held a roundtable event despite the horrendous weather back in February, we welcomed thousands of visitors during Clerkenwell Design Week in May and we hosted the Mix 30 under 30 event celebrating the wealth of talent we have in our industry.

We were informed before moving in that it was a requirement of being based in Clerkenwell to provide Prosecco during showroom visits – we happily obliged! Befitting the true Clerkenwell vibe, Prosecco has been our most consumed drink over the past year, with an amazing 948 litres being consumed. In total, a staggering 1,614 litres of drink has been consumed since we opened! Not to mention 1,800 biscuits and 300 packets of crisps!

Mix Interiors at Frovi
Frovi showroom

The history surrounding our location on St John’s Lane is rich and immersive. The area itself was established in the mid-1100’s, with the name deriving from the water source used by the local nuns called the ‘clerks’ well’.

Clerkenwell has a somewhat shady past: once rife with pickpockets, coiners and thieves, England’s busiest court was located here – the House of Detention with an underground prison.

19th century Clerkenwell was said to have the highest rate of murders in London, with the last prison closing in 1877.

From a commercial stance, Medieval Clerkenwell attracted jewellers, locksmiths, printers and bookbinders due to its position on the fringe of the city. Attracting skilled workers from all over the country, some of these trades are still evident in the area today.

Frovi showroom history
Frovi showroom

Clerkenwell also has a star-studded past: famed residents range from 16th Century Oliver Cromwell, to Russian Communist Vladimir Lenin and Famous Architect Zaha Hadid.

If you still haven’t visited our showroom, now’s your chance! Be inspired by truly influential and contemporary furniture designs, placed within co-working scenarios and zoned workspaces. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Clerkenwell Design Week at Frovi showroom

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