Metal finishes

Incorporating Industrial Luxe to your workplace design

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Metal finishes

The industrial look has become something of a fashion statement in recent years, and there’s a definitive irony in this; the phenomenon originated from everything but an intentional and eye-catching design. Deeply grounded in 18thcentury manufacturing history, the inspiration for this new age trend comes from functional pipes, metal, and the inner workings of industry. Jump ahead to the 21st-century, and it is one of the most sought-after looks for offices, cafes, and apartments alike.

In 2022, WGSN reports that industrial design is expected to further evolve, as functionality, luxury and comfort become key factors for optimal business outcomes. Last year, a major corporate focus was placed on employee wellbeing; coordinating suitable working areas that would best complement the requirements of newly flexible workers. This year, the bar has risen further. With employee wellbeing now firmly established as a fundamental necessity, office designers are now seeking out exciting and creative designs that will further aid staff requirements, suitably impress users, and consolidate a company’s brand identity.

Margin Table
Metal Finishes

Industrial design, enshrouded in a raw, edgy, and progressive look, epitomises a contemporary look and feel. Artistic and quirky elements come to life beneath ambient lighting, all promoting feelings of warmth and comfort. Industrial luxury comprises of neutral colour schemes and rustic, utilitarian features. Wood and metal are essential, and old and worn is welcomed. Furniture should refrain from a ‘sheen’ and focus on matte. Think shabby-chic more than gloss, tainted over polished. Brick and concrete instead of painted or decorated walls. Put simply, the most barren of spaces can quickly become a comfortable, luxurious, and functional workspace with the aid of industrial luxury design.

However, this modern style goes beyond a pretty and luxurious aesthetic. Industrial furniture is highly functional, extremely versatile and built to last. Due to the quirkiness of its nature, the purpose of furniture becomes less rigid, a metal stool can be used complement both dining areas or chill-out zones. The benefit of industrial creativity is its diverse approach to the office; set ways are a thing of the past, and now, anything goes.


The incorporation of natural light is essential, with ambient lighting an integral aspect of the design. Industrial comes with a warm, golden glow as opposed to the stark, unpleasant whiteness of strip lighting. If you’re lucky enough to have a large, open warehouse space, you’re also likely to have numerous windows that will allow fresh air and natural light to drift inwards– all ideal for optimal health and wellbeing.

With old and worn being central to the design, the use of recycled or repurposed furniture epitomises industrial luxury. This means that while building an attractive space, you’re also practicing sustainability and flexing your eco-friendly muscles.

Foundry Giant

Frovi’s Foundry Giant Table is tailor-made for an industrial office in both appearance and function. As a uniquely stylish conference table, it is manufactured from repurposed steel and features a 98% recycled steel rebar frame.  Choose from a wide range of colours, two available sizes and the option to be fitted with a central power unit that incorporates both power and USB ports for more regular work use.

 Within your industrial landscape, furniture should comprise style, luxury and flexibility. As tables and chairs are utilised frequently, they should be intelligently considered for both comfort and longevity. Streamline and flexibility is key; furniture that is easy to move when required.

Our Relic Table enhances the industrial look seamlessly. Minimalist in its design, it is highly functional with fully integrated cable management and options for power and data ports. This makes it useful for both collaboration and social areas, particularly with it being easy to move when the need arises. It is available in varying sizes and finishes, and a wide range of colours, including the industrial-essential, Raw Steel. As the saying goes, less is more, which is why this minimalist piece is ideal for industrial luxury.
Relic Poseur Table and High Stools

Every office needs to accessorise to promote a stylish edge. Naturally, this can be in the form of artwork and structures, both of which are immensely popular. But even accessories can tick functionality boxes, particularly for sustainability and wellbeing. An industrial design offers a wonderful excuse for indoor plants; a sprinkling of green is essential to offset the necessary wood, metal and brickwork. Furthermore, plants boost employee wellbeing, aid good health, and increase productivity.

The Foundry shelving unit provides a perfect home for your office plant collection. Further supporting your sustainability mission with 98% recycled steel rebar, it is available with Solid Natural Oak and Black shelves, plus a range of appealing frame colours. Designed for the industrial office, Foundry can also operate as an open plan office divider to create productivity boosting working zones.

Foundry rebar
Foundry shelves

Taking on an industrial office design means connecting with the past and revisiting history, providing employees with a contemporary, urban and uplifting space that will undoubtedly appeal to their taste, regardless of their age or demographic. Your timeless design will equally provide comfort and luxury with the use of functional and stylish furniture that will last far into the future.

If you are thinking of an industrial refit or design in 2022 or would like some ideas on furniture or accessories for your office space, please get in touch.

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