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Can modular furniture future proof your office space?

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The UK office market is becoming increasingly competitive, especially in a post Covid-19 world where the needs of tenants are becoming more diverse. Describing the landscape of the UK office tenancy sector, Savills recently claimed that “tenants are undertaking a ‘flight to quality’ and that the market has become polarised between ‘quality’ space, which continues to be in demand, and everything else”. This ‘fight to quality’ has led to many office spaces remaining empty as companies look towards flexible spaces with high ESG and wellness credentials. Tenants are becoming more attuned to the necessity of an office spaces catering for them now and into the future. In essence they need to know an office space can grow or adapt to their needs with ease before committing to long-term agreements.

While it can be argued that this claim by Savills is not novel, companies have always needed this level of flexibility, it is unarguable that the recent change in working practices brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has vastly exaggerated and brought to the fore a need for office spaces to be increasingly versatile, flexible and ‘future proof’. This is unsurprising really when less than 12 months ago office spaces across the country were left barren as many businesses were forced to instigate a mass ‘work from home’ practice.

So how can you ensure that your office space exceeds this newfound demand and becomes increasingly appealing to businesses looking to grow into a post-pandemic workspace? Modular furniture is a great place to start and ideal for future-proofing your office space. Let’s explore the key reasons why…

Flexible Furniture to showcase your space

Modular furniture can be an ideal way to demonstrate an office space which is highly adaptive to the fast-growth, ever-changing needs of a modern business. The introduction of modular furniture allows you to clearly exhibit a space as dynamic, adaptable, and primed for versatility. Visible examples of how an office space can be evolved using flexible modular furniture allows for a clear, forward-thinking view of the future that will appeal to any business looking to grow and adapt into a modern working practice over the next few years.

Scrum Sofa
Jig Modular

Jig Modular

Maximise floor space potential

Wasted space equals wasted money. In an ever more competitive market, space utilisation has become a hot topic for workspace design. Flexible spaces that can work alongside the varying needs of a workforce are becoming ever-more popular and a necessity for almost all future-planning business. Modular office furniture brings a level of versatility that allows it to slot into any office space, alongside a flexibility to reconfigure and adapt to suit the needs of the employees as and when needed.

Designed to create a multitude of comfortable, relaxed, and practical layouts perfect for collaboration, relaxation or formal reception areas, the Snug Modular range is designed to bring a unique level of adaptability to office seating that is built to last the test of time.

The Snug Modular range is designed to craft a unique, effective seating arrangement for your space, with ultra-deep seats, beautiful styling and pillow edge detailing, the Snug Modular range gives you an unrivalled level of comfort and relaxation. With seven unit choices allowing a multitude of seamless configurations, you can easily create the right sofa shape for any space.

Snug Modular
Longer-lasting furniture for better ROI

One of the other great things about modular furniture solutions is the extended lifespan of the product compared with other traditional furniture choices. Modular furniture is multi-functional by design, which means it can be scaled or re-shaped to fulfil a range of tasks and requirements. One intelligently designed seating arrangement can serve a range of needs – as opposed to having to invest in individual products for specific functions. This extends between companies, with seating and collaboration space seen as a universal need, modular furniture can be utilised for many iterations of an office space by many different businesses. Ideal in short-term let or co-working environments where modular furniture can provide similar functions with individual configurations for each tenant/user.

Relic at Work

With the intelligent, manoeuvrable design and use of magnetic accessories, Relic at Work is a unique co-working system that can be adjusted for the changing demands of the workplace. With the ability to evolve from a collaborative space easily and quickly into private working areas through magnetic screens and castors, the Relic at Work range is ideal for the new era of hybrid working. Appealing to businesses looking to boost productivity through practicality and efficiency, or available with the addition of biophilia to offer a much sought-after employee wellness boost, the Relic at Work range has configurable seating options, including frame extensions to add additional seats, that can change and adapt to the changing needs of your workspace.

Relic at Work and Ora Chairs

If you are looking to discover the impact modular furniture can have on your office space, or how great office design can increase your rental appeal, speak to one of our team today.

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