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How to design an agile office space

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22 Feb 2022

Over the last two years, we have seen more agile working arrangements within the corporate world, and in 2022, we are likely to see even more. This phenomenon has been largely driven by a need to replicate and incorporate the social freedoms that employees have become privy to whilst being asked to work from home. A recent study by IWG found that 84% of workers would prefer a more flexible approach to work, so as flexible working becomes the new ‘norm’, companies need to find innovative ways to continue to attract and retain quality talent.

An agile working space intelligently optimises office spaces by enabling workers to utilise all areas for a variety of tasks. Collaboration and social areas are a modern necessity, often balanced out with private spaces for more focussed tasks.

With allocated workstations a thing of the past – this modern trend of hotdesking entitles users to reserve a personal desk at short notice, easily accommodating flexible and remote workers into the wider office arrangement with ease.  With no requirement to adhere to a structured, linear work model, there are greater experiences to be had, and more productivity to be delivered within an agile environment.

The winning formula for a successful agile office design is carefully utilising your space with intelligent furniture. Old fashioned cubicles have been on the way out for a while, so it’s highly likely that you have already begun to think about a more social, agile workspace. Social interaction and collaboration are now actively encouraged, and are a necessity for a healthy working life. Solitude and privacy needs are met with intelligent zoning systems that still encourage interaction whilst retaining private and semi-private spaces. Acoustic soundproofing ensures that work can be carried out with few distractions, and teamwork becomes more efficient without the drone of a busy office.

Pods and booths are becoming more popular for such noise-dampening requirements – an office within an office which provides time out in a varied working environment. That said, they can equally complement brainstorming and collaborative sessions as required, but built-in acoustic qualities make them a great spot for blocking out external office noise.

For the ideal solution to semi-private working within an agile office, we recommend the Huddle Work Booth; an acoustically designed booth that eliminates background noise for absolute solitude and concentration. With soft upholstery and a wonderfully deep seat, its ergonomic backrest ensures that work-related aches and pains are all but eliminated.  The Huddle Work Booth can be utilised as a moveable or fixed feet product, the latter available with an optional power module for access to necessary technology. It provides the perfect spot for quiet work and is available in a wide range of fabrics to suit any existing décor.

In the idyllic agile working space, private booths are complemented with exciting breakout spaces for collaboration, relaxation, and social interaction. Agile and durable furniture ensures these spaces are inviting and comfortable, while additional features such as biophilia and ambient lighting can further aid concentration and productivity when needed. Forward-thinking companies opt for agile furniture that can be utilised anywhere, at any time.

Osti Cloud provides a wonderfully flexible setting for break-time gatherings, as well as more traditional style desk space when required. Perfectly modern in its design, it is available for both indoor and outdoor use, which means you can take advantage of the summer months when they come around! Mesh trays provide an option for hanging plants, decoration, and lighting, proving a beautifully ambient backdrop for even the most stressful of tasks. Employees may opt for casual working lunches (another new ‘norm’) or a relaxing space to simply take time out, and a wide range of available colour finishes means that you can be as subtle or bright as you so choose. Osti Cloud epitomises modern working arrangements in both style and flexibility.

The key to agile working is focussing on the ‘task at hand’. For this reason, we recommend Relic At Work for a highly versatile and movable furniture piece. An ideal place for both collaboration or quiet working, its multi-functional quality makes it easily adaptable based on the task at hand. Offset seating negates set working arrangements, and optional magnetic dividers create private areas for greater focus when needed. Enhance Relic At Work with ambient lighting options to aid concentration, whilst foliage canopies or hanging planters can incorporate a little biophilia into the office. With a large capacity power bank, employees will enjoy working on any project within this functional and relaxing space.

Naturally, with the continual evolution of both agile working and technology, it’s vital that access to technology is always available. Many employers are now investing more into laptops to further minimise the need for static workstations, so accessible power points are a must. For this reason, the majority of our flexible furniture products integrate, or offer options to include, the necessary power points.

Agile is the future of office design and denotes working freedom. It can be achieved in two ways.  Firstly, by focussing on the needs of both your business and employees and considering daily activities, thus seeking ways of implementing wellbeing measures.

Do employees require a quiet area to focus?

Do they need to collaborate?

Do they need concentration areas with acoustic properties?

Identifying the answers to such questions is the first step in achieving an agile working environment.

Secondly, by making furniture choices that will complement your agile requirements you can ensure that your teams benefit from comfortable, productivity boosting furniture that gives them increased job satisfaction and more autonomy over their working day.

Whether you require collaboration, private or socialisation areas within your agile working space, Frövi can provide a functional, durable, and stylish solution. If you would like to learn more about creating an agile workspace, please get in touch with one of our team.