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Furniture design for employee comfort and engagement

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02 Aug 2021

The recent shift to hybrid working has encouraged both employers and employees to consider their working environment. With employees now dividing their working hours between home and the office, the precedent is rising for effective office comfort.

Discomfort is a distraction, so uncomfortable areas can hinder progress. In turn, this can cause disengagement which is unnecessarily costly and unproductive for any business.

Now is the perfect time to reconsider your existing office culture and establish how comfortable and connected your employees are within their environment.

Introducing the Blume Chair

The Blume Chair from Frovi delivers contemporary styling and an uncompromising attention to detail that makes it the perfect addition to any modern workspace.

With its unique low seating position, thick cushions and deep chamfer, the Blume Chair adds unrivalled style and comfort to your space that your employees will love.

Ideal for breakout, relaxation and collaboration areas, the Blume Chair will provide comfort for both busy and quiet spaces.



Blume Chair has been designed with a low seating position, thick cushions, webbed seat and a deep chamfer for added comfort.

Fabric colours/styles

Blume is available in 3 beautiful frame finishes; Natural Ash, Oak Stained Ash or Black, helping you create the perfect look for any workspace design.

With a colour palette to suit all environments, Blume is customisable with a wide range of fabric finishes. From anti-microbial materials to comforting wool blends and luxurious leather options, the colours available are perfect for completing the ideal look for your Blume Chair.

Contact us for more information on our fabric bands and specification guide.

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Looking to create the perfect relaxation and collaboration area, the Wrapt Coffee Table is the ideal partner for the Blume chair. Inspired by clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty.

With its generous table top area and clean wrap around leg design the Wrapt Coffee Table is the perfect complement for a casual meeting space or breakout area.