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Our Story.

4,500 square feet of showroom space in the heart of Clerkenwell on St John's Lane, showcasing our latest designs. The history surrounding our location on St John’s Lane is rich and immersive. The area itself was established in the mid-1100’s, with the name deriving from the water source used by the local nuns called the ‘clerks’ well’.

From a commercial stance, Medieval Clerkenwell attracted jewellers, locksmiths, printers and bookbinders due to its position on the fringe of the city. Attracting skilled workers from all over the country, some of these trades are still evident in the area today.

If you still haven’t visited our showroom, now’s your chance! Be inspired by truly influential and contemporary furniture designs, placed within co-working scenarios and zoned workspaces. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Frovi Snug Sofa
Frovi Relic Credenza
Frovi showroom