Colony is a flexible and reconfigurable free-standing structure designed to create informal and formal workspace solutions to meet, socialise and collaborate. Combine modules to create an atmosphere like no other within a workplace, bringing people together whilst offering a private retreat.
Colony gives you freedom to configure and accessorise your perfect layout.

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Colony is a modular octagonal pod that’s framework can be configured into many different shapes and sizes.

Colony is used to create space within space and allows for endless customization with the option of Felt, Metal and Fabric outer panels.

Colony can be configured as a functional work space with the use of accessories like a Desk, Media panel, Whiteboard and shelving but is ultimately up to the designer to configure and dress as they wish to suit the type of space it is intended for.

Offering visual and acoustic privacy solutions, Colony can be constructed with a variety of wall options to create spaces with endless functionality, these include felt acoustic, fabric and metal leaf.


Felt Hexagon Panel | Shelf in Rustic Oak | Scrum Sofa | Mint Fabric

This is a simple but beautifully crafted sofa that highlights great design. A nice contrast as it’s both fresh and comforting.

It nestles perfectly into the Colony but also stands alone as an addition to any workspace.

Scrum is manufactured with a webbed seat and back for extra comfort.

Includes linking brackets as standard for creating rigid configurations.



  • Single opening, 1 Octagon, 7 Panels. (shown with 1 Panel Removed and 2 openings)
  • 4x Metal Leaf Panels
  • 2x Metal Leaf & Fabric Panels
  • 1x Media Panel & Shelf


  • Single Opening, 1 Octagon, 7 Panels
  • 6x Segment Felt Panels
  • 1x Segment Felt & Fabric Panel
  • 1x Media Panel and Shelf
  • 3x Shelves
  • 1x Whiteboard


  • Single Opening, 1 Octagon, 7 Panels
  • 7x Felt Segment & Fabric Panels


  • Double Opening, 2 Octagons, 8 Panels.
  • 8x Hexagon Felt Panel


Flord Lookbook - UK - Jan 2020

Colony Lookbook - UK - Jan 2020

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Flord Lookbook - UK - Jan 2020

Colony Lookbook - North America - Feb 2020

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