Behind the Scenes

Everyday life at Frövi - everything we do is founded on expert knowledge and exceptional service.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

We believe in quality, innovative design and will continually challenge conventional thinking to provide customers with groundbreaking design solutions.

Meet the Team


Across three production sites we manufacture and assemble all of our products. Each product is packaged and prepared ready for dispatch, either fully assembled or flat-packed depending on size and weight. During this operational process a rigorous quality inspection is made to ensure products leave our factory ready for our customers.

Research and Development


At Frövi we pride ourselves on creating forward thinking-innovative products. This is why we have our own in-house designers that consistently exceed convention and deliver new concepts to the market. Based in Oxfordshire our three in-house designers; David, Matthew and James produce increasingly impressive concepts, with a key attention to detail.

Nurturing creativity is key to ensuring we continue to grow and develop our products. Every design is a passionate transition from thought to concept using traditional drawing methods and 3D computer aided design.

By investing in new products and innovations we have created a stunning portfolio while staying true to our philosophy of manufacturing quality British furniture.

We research the everyday activities undertaken in busy working areas to determine how our furniture can effectively facilitate new ways of working and interacting.