Furniture for social spaces

Frövi is a British brand.

Inspired by the distinctiveness of Scandinavian design, we had a vision to fuse this design style with Britain’s renowned craftsmanship. This blend remains at the heart of the Frövi brand today.

Since 1976, we’ve honed our skills to design & produce distinctive furniture, created through the best of British craftsmanship. Every one of our new products is created in-house from the ground up. We’re a team of creative thinkers, trend spotters, pattern makers, metal workers, wood crafters, seam stitchers and comfort testers.

Frövi designs and manufactures innovative furniture for social spaces, crafted to meet the growing demand for a new approach to communal areas within a variety of environments. Frövi furniture is produced using a variety of materials and techniques, both traditional and innovative, to produce the distinctive Frövi style and quality.

Built in Britain since 1976

We are a family owned British furniture company with a name inspired by Scandinavian design. With Frövi, you’ll always find innovative, distinctive furniture with signature designs, created through the best of British craftsmanship since 1976.

Downtown Seat Shells
Slenda Leg

At Frövi we pride ourselves on creating forward thinking innovative products. That is why we have our own in-house designers that consistently exceed convention and deliver new concepts that create ripples throughout the industry. Based in Oxfordshire our designers produce increasingly impressive concepts, with a keen attention to detail and the use of innovative new materials.

In-House Design