Unique workspace retreats


Every agile workspace must facilitate stepping outside of the daily bustle to focus on challenges and brainstorm opportunities.

Collaboration and interaction are crucial elements of today’s work styles. As the age of fixed work areas is replaced by the agile work era, so the emphasis on suitable zones for every work activity increases.

Areas to retreat to, either alone or with colleagues, is an essential part of every good workspace. These areas need to stimulate creativity, innovation and out-of-box thinking. As such they need to depart from convention.

Frövi boasts a unique collection of Collaboration Huts that provide stylish meeting spaces and focus zones. The quirky designs create a real talking point in any workspace and create an atmosphere that is prime for creative discussions and innovative ideas.

Take a look at the products we offer:

Huddle Arbour

With lighting and connectivity options readily available, each Frövi shed or arbour can support modern work practices and offers the highest standards of comfort and design quality.

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