The Issue 9 catalogue is here!


We’re proud to present our latest catalogue which captures
our wide range of innovative designs in appealing detail.

We’re celebrating the release of our Issue 9 catalogue which greets the new year with exciting ideas to inspire you.

2016 was a landmark year for Frövi, with the launch of several appealing new furniture designs, as we kept pace with trends and customers’ changing needs. With the adoption of agile work practices, workplaces are evolving. In these open-plan settings, the latest requirements are for privacy and flexibility, to promote staff wellbeing and productivity. Our innovative furniture is enabling teams to work better, in a space with zones designated for different activities, from meeting to relaxing.

The brand-new Issue 9 is an appealing casebook designed catalogue, which conveniently lays flat as you page through it. It also has a handy ribbon to help you bookmark a selected product page. At a time when digital catalogues are becoming more prevalent, we feel it is especially important to offer you a high-quality, substantial brochure, in glossy full colour with crisp images and a sleek design. Both you and our products deserve a proper showcase.

Issue 9 is designed for you to absorb and enjoy at your leisure. Our furniture is designed for maximum appeal, through the best of British craftsmanship. To reserve your Issue 9 catalogue, do visit us at our showroom or contact us: 01608 652411 or

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