Prepare to be charmed by a chair


Certain public and corporate spaces provide the ideal opportunity to promote brand identity and engage visitors. This is where statement furniture comes into its own. Distinctive designs take centre stage to create the unique first impression that companies seek to achieve.

Our newly designed Ilk chair fulfils this very function. The welcoming curves set the tone for a style that conveys innovation and creativity. The particular feel – e.g. modern or classic – is determined by your choice of base and material – any fabric, vinyl or leather. Key to every chair is a robust construction, with a strong steel inner frame and comfortable foamed seat. And as height is also important, you have the choice of a high or low-profile chair.

The need for an outstanding chair became clear to us when we consulted with our clients on the expansion of our soft seating range. We found that a generously sized, beautiful chair is an ideal statement piece in a reception, and supports a company ethos that values brilliant design. And what’s more, it’s a pleasure to experience.

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