Nest: creative comfort


The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a
social space with the Nest – form meets function beautifully.

We were inspired by the power of connection and innovative design when we had the lightbulb moment that triggered the development of the Nest. We like to push the frontiers and do things differently. The Nest is a new way for a social space to offer people a place to pause and enjoy comfort.

It’s exciting because there are no rules or restrictions – it is configured the way you see fit. Whichever way the Nest is formulated, it has an appealing logic. The effect is fun, which is perfect for a social space – inviting people to relax. It is a style statement that instantly enhances a variety of settings, such as breakout areas, public spaces, receptions and corporate environments.

Each Nest can be made to complement any interior, through the choice of a vast range of fabric and frames, available in polished chrome, raw steel and RAL colours. The two-tone fabric option offers a dynamic twist. There is also the option of the Nest Grand, for an added dimension, and the Nest Power Hub, with charge points.

Ultimately, comfort is key for seating that invites people to rest for a while. The robust construction and soft foamed seat ensure enjoyment in the simple pleasure of sitting as the world goes by.

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