Facilitating the ultimate flexible workplace


We always aim to innovate, providing the ideal solution for every emerging workplace need. The new Frövi Laptop Table is a prime example – a simple, effective idea in an elegant form. Built with practicality in mind, it facilitates agile working.

The agile working trend is picking up pace, as employers and staff discover the benefits of flexible working and a redesigned workplace. The versatile Laptop Table is the ideal choice to utilise floor space by a sofa or chair, and to create an optimal place for focused work or collaboration.

The appealing slanted design is easily accessible and ergonomically sound, supporting worker wellbeing and productivity through its stability. As it has a small footprint, it is easy to move around to a suitable location. It can form the hub of a team meeting, with colleagues simply pulling up a chair.

The hardwearing black finish complements the Frövi range of furniture, with the choice of a black top, or oak top with ply edge. Paired with your choice of Frövi sofa or chair, it forms a perfectly shaped individual workspace, suited to multiple locations. Incredibly versatile, the Laptop Table has the power to optimise a team’s performance.

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