Elegance with a Scandinavian twist


Today the way we meet and work is fluid; we need flexible solutions. The Jig Social is designed to fulfil several functions, for a key way to connect.

People are social beings and like to gather, whether this be for work or play. A central table is now in demand in workspaces, learning environments and breakout areas where we happily share space as we work, meet or relax.

The boundaries of work and living spaces have been blurred, through appealing furniture that promotes wellbeing. We can feel good at work as we gather round a central table to share ideas, catch up with the team, or pause to talk over coffee.

The new Jig Social’s elegant design will enhance any work or social space. The style has a Scandinavian twist that has strong appeal. The robust frame is reinforced via criss-crossed timbers. Each table leg offers hidden cable management to maintain the sleek look. Mobile workers will appreciate the option of power and data ports.

Each table is tailored according to your needs, with the choice of lengths and matching upholstered stools or benches, available in a vast range of fabrics. You can opt for a table height or a poseur version with stools, for a sit/stand solution. Delivered flat, it is easy to assemble.

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