Created for peace and quiet


Acoustic furniture is in demand in our noisy, crowded society.
The Hide Acoustic Pod is an attainable design built to offer maximum privacy for one person.

In today’s open-plan workspaces and busy public areas, people appreciate the chance to have a private place to themselves, to make a call or check emails. It may seem that a piece of acoustic furniture for one person is a luxury. We have created the new Hide Acoustic Pod to provide this facility more widely, to workers, students, visitors and shoppers.

Built with powerful sound reduction properties, the Hide Acoustic Pod also shields you from visual distractions. In fulfilling these key functions, it is supremely comfortable, with a webbed seat and contoured soft foam back. There is the choice of a static or swivel base, to change its position. It can be upholstered in most fabrics, both inside and out, to offer a wide range of styles and unique appeal.

With a small footprint, the Hide Acoustic Pod can fit easily into any social space, for an instant quiet zone. Through lean engineering, this privacy solution is keenly priced and more readily available – for colleges, universities, workplaces, showrooms, libraries, waiting rooms, airport lounges, etc. The Hide Low Pod is the ideal match to complete the set.

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