Block Wood Table | Frovi

Contemporary oak furniture


In today’s busy world, a touch of serenity is always welcome.
Block Wood is calm in appearance, yet high-powered in functionality.

The best work occurs in stimulating environments. Productive collaboration happens in open environments. Furniture and fit-out should support creativity not stifle it. When we are surrounded by stable and constant elements, our minds are opened to creative possibilities and dynamic solutions. Or we relax better if the time is right for a break.

Block Wood offers uncluttered table space in a classic yet contemporary design. Use of natural oak gives a connection with one of the great British heritages, while the contrasting white top provides pure simplicity.
And the option of hidden power and data ports, fully integrated and available for quick connectivity, makes Block Wood a winner for technology-enabled activity.

Delivered flat for easy assembly, Block Wood tables are available in standard or Poseur height and three length options.

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