Helping people to meet

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The trend for a central meeting table where many people can gather is a hallmark of our more social era.
People like to get together; Block Infinity helps it happen.

A distinctively long table as the centrepiece for a meeting or social area has become a modern interior must-have. It is the favourite way for architects and designers to create a space that says: ‘Welcome! Come get together to meet, collaborate, relax, chat!’

As with most popular designs, our new Block Infinity bench table solves a problem – and it goes further too. We offer a custom piece of furniture without the inconvenience and costs associated with bespoke joinery. Plus, it ticks all the top wish-list boxes: the choice of any colour, any laminate, any length. Available in two widths – medium (900mm) and wide (1200mm) – this bench table covers every requirement.


The Block Infinity’s smart design uses hardwearing surfaces with impact-resistant edges, and it comes fully powered with charging ports. The spacious entry space is free of central supports, allowing easy access for wheelchair users. This stylish solution brings the benefits of modern design to all commercial, education and public spaces.

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