How to attract and retain talent


Workplaces that promote collaborative working and staff wellbeing are now recognized for attracting sought-after, talented workers who value a well-designed setting. Business are now competing for staff by investing in interior design.

Attracting and retaining talented staff is a key concern for companies and workplace design now has a bigger role to play. An appealing location and stimulating workplace are benefits that are being leveraged by businesses. These factors are increasingly assessed by current and potential staff alongside pay and benefits schemes.

This was one of the hot topics at the 9th Annual Offices Summit held in London on 25 November. Like big-game fishermen, companies are attempting to gauge and predict the movements of their target – talented workers. This is even more obvious in Australia, where the booming economy means companies are compelled to invest in interior workplace design. This is according to Hassell – the winner of the Offices category at the recent Inside Festival in Singapore.Hassell was chosen for its showcase project for Medibank, a newly privatized company that wanted their new building to help transform their work practices.

Though such a standout project is clearly beyond many companies’ budgets, it’s worth noting that such organisations that are competitive about the quality of their workplaces – banks, insurance companies and IT companies – are known for their bravery and willingness to try new things. Innovation and creative thinking can transform even the most restrictive layout on a limited budget.

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