Perfecting the Social Campus


Creating the perfect environment within schools, colleges and Universities means creating an environment that promotes learning, encourages socialising and looks great. Designers tend to go with furniture that that looks great but isn’t always practical, furniture that is odd shapes, loud colours and with little or no ergonomic technology. So, what are the best ways to perfect the social campus?

Be Flexible

To perfect the social campus, a wide range of aspects needs to be examined and the right furniture that is flexible needs to be considered. As with many social spaces, schools, colleges and universities are diverse places, with students and teachers alike spending time there, both socialising and learning, the spaces need to reflect this.

Using furniture that absorbs sound is invaluable in big establishments, it allows for the social side of campus life, while maintaining an environment that can be used to study and learn by others. Students and teachers can pass through these spaces without causing too much disrupt.

With campus’ often holding various events from art shows to open days, its important to use furniture that can be easily reappropriated when necessary, especially during busy times. With limited budgets, schools, colleges and universities need to be using furniture that is suitable for the everyday usage but also for events.

In-between comfort

Comfort should certainly not be neglected when designing a social campus, students are going to be more likely to make the most of the space if it’s appealing and inviting. But in this instance, comfort isn’t just a soft cushion; thermal, acoustic and ergonomic design can have a huge impact on a person’s physical and psychological well-being and should be considered when designing social spaces and choosing furniture.

When looking at the campus as a whole, it’s easy to disregard hallways and corridors as a social space, but arguably it is the most social space with students and teachers walking side by side to get to their next location. Thought should be put into finding furniture that provides a space to sit, to talk, to study, these spaces are not always the most desirable to go but can provide some of the best resting spaces throughout the campus. Getting in-between spaces right is the perfect to encourage learning and creates a calm backdrop to learning, thus, leading to better engagement and interaction!

Community is key

Each space should be designed to create a sense of community. Furniture and design should allow or collaborations, the coming together of great ideas and the foundations to sparking new relationships. Time is often of the essence so by providing the space for a quick catch up before or after classes or lectures, the community is allowed to come together in a way that otherwise, may not have happened.

In all educational spaces, creating a sense of community within all students and staff is what truly makes an education something special – it’s where friendships first start, passions being to flare and creativity is allowed to grow – a place that is never forgotten.

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