Perfecting the open-plan office

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The choice of furniture solutions can be quite overwhelming. However, not all acoustic furniture is made equal. The best designs equip the modern workplace for staff wellbeing and productivity.

Today’s open-plan workplace is seen as optimal, having evolved from the traditional, inefficient office layout that used cubicles. Many companies have also done away with the enclosed meeting room in favour of a less formal breakout area. And the most modern workplaces follow the agile working trend, providing the choice of different zones for various types of work.

With the growing popularity of agile working, more CEOs appreciate that an appealing workplace that supports their workers’ wellbeing, promotes productivity. Key factors to be managed in an open-plan workplace are distracting sounds – usually conversations – and privacy. A survey by Cambridge Sound Management (CSM) showed that nearly 30% of workers are distracted by colleagues’ conversations. For this reason, it’s recommended that separate zones are provided for quiet, focused work and meetings, as well as secluded areas for private phone conversations. New acoustic furniture solutions to equip such workplaces have been developed to satisfy demand – pods of all shapes, enclosed panelled boxes and curved phone booths, to name a few.

Acoustic furniture designers aim to provide attractive styles where form and function dovetail. We at Frövi focus on designs with a timeless appeal, like our Jig Cave – a high-backed, well-upholstered Chesterfield style with a modern twist. Such products offer a familiar style, equipped with a successful acoustic function, and the option of added media. This way you can have the best of both worlds – a modern workplace with the comforts and privacy that people seek.

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