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We’re thrilled to launch our latest catalogue, Frövi 10.

29 September 2017 Industry, Product, Company
Filled with innovative new designs mixed with classic Frövi pieces, this beautifully crafted collection is perfect for today's agile workspace.
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The popular ILK range is expanding…

12 April 2017 Product
Appealing style, maximum comfort, amazing choice. The ILK family has grown, with three new designs...
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Facilitating the ultimate flexible workplace

16 March 2017 Product
This new versatile Laptop Table promotes agile working and collaboration, enabling staff to work anywhere.
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The Issue 9 catalogue is here!

06 January 2017 Product
So much is new since we shared our Issue 8 catalogue last year. Issue 9 is our best-ever offering to date.
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Unique workspace retreats

26 October 2016 Product
Collaboration huts provide indoor retreats for creative focus in the modern workplace.
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Contemporary oak furniture

15 August 2016 Product
Block Wood blends European style with English heritage to create a striking yet functional table for eating, meeting and working.
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Nest: creative comfort

25 July 2016 Product
The Nest is the unique modular solution for social spaces. Designed to be configured, its versatility has special appeal.
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Elegance with a Scandinavian twist

11 July 2016 Product
The new Jig Social is a versatile design that fulfils a need - a place to gather in a modern social space.
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Created for peace and quiet

13 June 2016 Product
The new Hide Acoustic Pod is the stylish privacy solution, for peace and quiet at work and in public spaces.
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The feel-good chair for a relaxed mood

15 April 2016 Product
The glow of oak brings warmth and added substance to the modern Era chair
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The inspiring place to meet

07 March 2016 Product
Discover the power of a raw finish incorporated in a sleek, functional design: Block Classic_Raw
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Prepare to be charmed by a chair

02 February 2016 Product
We’ve created the new Ilk chair to be the perfect style statement in a public area or reception
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Helping people to meet

12 January 2016 People, Product, Concepts
Our Block Infinity bench table is the versatile solution for places where we all gather.
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Perfecting the open-plan office

07 October 2015 Industry, Product, Concepts
The need to resolve the dilemmas of open-plan workplaces has resulted in creative furniture solutions
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