Furniture for social spaces

We are the British furniture company with a name inspired by Scandinavian design. You can expect to find innovative, distinctive furniture, created through the best of British craftsmanship. Founded in 1976, we have an inherent insight into British culture, while influenced by the ingenuity of the Nordic style.

Focusing on social spaces

We equip social spaces – the places where good things happen and support forward-thinking work practices.

People are drawn to these spaces by our appealing, feel-good furniture which is built for comfort and specific purpose.

In a social space you have the chance to press pause and recharge as you unwind, daydream and connect with others.

This is where ideas pollinate and teams bond.

A passion for perfection

Always looking to create the next big thing that will be at the top of our customers’ wish list, we have a passion to innovate.

  • Step 1 - Look
  • Step 2 - Think
  • Step 3 - Draw
  • Step 4 - Test
  • Step 5 - Comment
  • Step 6 - Perfect
  • Step 7 - Template
  • Step 8 - Refine
  • Step 9 - Launch
  • Step 10 - Make
  • Step 11 - Ship
  • Step 12 - Enjoy
  • Step 1 – Look

  • Step 2 – Think

  • Step 3 – Draw

  • Step 4 – Test

  • Step 5 – Comment

  • Step 6 – Perfect

  • Step 7 – Template

  • Step 8 – Refine

  • Step 9 – Launch

  • Step 10 – Make

  • Step 11 – Ship

  • Step 12 – Enjoy

Emerging ideas and trends rapidly take form as we develop and perfect our new prototypes. Our ranges grow exponentially, with ever more choice of form, texture and colour to add visual impact to a social space.

Widely specified

We are proud to partner with major brands.

  • Amazon
  • Arsenal
  • Audi
  • bam
  • BMW
  • British Gas
  • Coca Cola
  • Estee Lauder
  • ITV
  • Lidl
  • Morgan Lovell
  • Next
  • Sainsburys
  • Vinci
  • William Hill

Bold use of colour is a key characteristic that we love about Scandinavian design and we share this trait.

A social space is designed to invite and delight. What better way than with colour, which injects energy and elevates your mood. With the trend for raw wood and natural-look laminates, texture too adds to the mix.

by colour
for efficient manufacturing

As a manufacturer, we are well – positioned to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

We use high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to create premium designs at our design studio in Oxfordshire and our factory in the Cotswolds. Built for commercial environments, each piece of furniture is formulated to be robust – an investment to be enjoyed year after year.

Our accreditations

Our products are tested for strength, stability, safety and durability by independent, internationally accredited companies. Test facilities of international repute are used, such as FIRA, SATRA and CATAS. All testing carried out is to international (ISO, EN) and national (BS) standards. Should individual product certificates be required, copies can be provided on request.

Our accreditations
Respecting people and
the earth

We take our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously, both in the UK and abroad. Actively endorsing ethical and environmental standards, we endeavor to help communities in the third world where illegal deforestation destroys livelihoods.


We feel it’s important to support charitable organisations that offer help and support to those less fortunate than ourselves. With this in mind, we regularly donate money to: