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07 March 2016 Product

Natural elements and raw materials have special appeal in a modern, uncertain age.
Finding a way forward needs innovation. The Block Classic_Raw conveys all this and more.

Some style commentators argue that our experience of digital and visual overload has led to the increasing interest in simple, tactile designs. Whatever the reasons, the use of raw materials is an intriguing trend for 2016 and is set to grow.

In the world of corporate interiors that can seem uniform, interesting finishes add value to a workspace. Distinctive furniture is sought after to create a place where people love to work. This is just up our street – we live and breathe modern, innovative furniture design. The elegant Block Classic_Raw bench table, for example, is enhanced by the rustic look of unfinished timber.

Over recent years, forward-looking CEOs have found that everyone enjoys innovative design; it’s not exclusive to the select few. Our customers seek to invest in the type of setting that helps them to attract and retain staff. With a design that is on trend and in demand, the Block Classic_Raw is the ideal place to meet and collaborate in the modern workspace.

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