Smart solution a private meetings

19 October 2015 Product

The sought-after qualities of the Jig Cave range include supreme comfort, an oak frame, fabric flexibility and a Scandinavian twist. Our new soft seating includes all these and more. Not just a sofa, this high-backed, well-upholstered acoustic furniture fulfils an important requirement – a place to meet in privacy. It also has the good looks of a modern Chesterfield design, with the option of contrasting buttons.

With two styles available to seat four or six people, the shape is space-efficient, saving valuable floor space. To create a meeting area, you simply set two of these sofas opposite each other for an enclosed space. Plus, for enhanced presentation, you can select the media version, which is equipped with integrated power and a monitor mount.

‘It is rare for a furniture family to include a soft-seating solution such as this,’ says Frövi director Roy Dunham. ‘In today’s workplace where space is at a premium and an open-plan setting is the norm, Jig Cave soft seating provides the ideal solution for a much-needed private meeting space.’

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