The new ‘industrial rustic’ bench

13 October 2015 Product

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We have embraced the popular industrial rustic trend, creating the distinctive weathered effect in our Block Steel Rustic benching system. The style of choice for sleek interiors and contemporary office settings can now be achieved easily via our innovative British-built furniture.

Who could have predicted that the look of aged wood and metal would be recreated so convincingly through state-of-the-art technologies? Synthetic materials are now engineered to mimic attractive organic surfaces, while offering all the benefits of robust qualities, in a minimalist design. The raw steel frames of our Block Steel Rustic furniture contrast with the hardwearing tops in complex tones – Vintage Oak, Rust and Driftwood.

Designed for social spaces, Block Steel Rustic enables you to create the most modern setting in your workplace. Companies increasingly recognize that talented workers are attracted to workspaces that have maximum appeal. Such interiors also help to retain current staff. Investment in well-designed furniture can be considered a step that shapes your future success.

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